About Us - Somalata Organic Ayurveda

Name Somalata is coined from word soma which means the nectar of immortality and lata which means a climber. In Vedic scriptures it is considered plant above plants or the divine nectar of immortality. We have chosen its name because of the symbolism of eternity since Ayurveda, as part of the ancient Vedas, is also equally immortal and eternal.

We are a team of people coming from different fields of work, from different continents, who have worked in the field of holistic health in general and specifically in Ayurveda. Experience of working in different cultural environments allowed us an insight into the need for a different approaches and a desire to integrate eastern values ​​and qualities in the West. In Croatia (Europe) we founded Somalata Ayurvedic centre eleven years ago, it was first registered ayurvedic centre at the time. While working with people in the West, we saw the need for high-quality organic Ayurvedic products. Even though there is, in the West, great awareness of the importance of biological farming, ayurvedic products are unfortunately still largely produced in the conventional manner. For this reason very often quality of products did not satisfy us and that is why we decided to start our own production of ayurvedic biological products, which enables us to independently monitor the production process, packaging and quality. Somalata is therefore a name that reliably stands for excellence.

Alongside Ayurvedic Centre Somalata we have Somalata College, where we offer to our students a three-year and a five-year professional study of Ayurveda. Our college is affiliated with Ayurvedic College in London (College of Ayurveda UK). Somalata Collage along with Ayurvedic Collage in London works under name International College of Ayurveda. Also, our Somalata College is affiliated with Ayurvedic University in Koppa, Karnataka in India. University in Koppa is affiliated with renowned University Rajiv Gandhi which additionally guarantees quality of the study that provides high level of expertise to future practitioners of Ayurveda. We also collaborate extensively with numerous Ayurvedic institutions in Europe and throughout the world.