Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision are based on the importance of becoming aware of the meaning and purpose of life. Questions like "Who am I?", "Where am I going?", "What is my purpose?" are of vital importance and serve as initiators of changes that awaken awareness in us. When we are aware of the meaning and purpose of our life, we create inner foundations for true satisfaction, and the true satisfaction is a confirmation of our own purpose, which in practice is reflected through responsible behaviours towards ourselves and others.

Responsibility towards oneself is other form of self-love. It is necessary for any kind of positive and creative change. In everyday life self-responsibility determines our daily activities and thus our lifestyle. The way we wake up, the way we eat, the way we perform every, even the smallest, thing in our life reveals how we relate to ourselves. Self-responsibility brings us back to the present state and teaches us how to become self-aware and dedicated to the spiritual path.

Objectives of ayurvedic medicine are related to achievement of peaceful, happy and long life. This can be achieved only through the mental-emotional or spiritual realization. Man is a spiritual being on the path of self-realization and in every moment, with every inhale and exhale, defines himself by his conscious or unconscious choices. Our choices precisely show whether we are friends or enemies to ourselves. Prerequisite to the balance is inner peace. To accomplish this we must have a healthy mind and a healthy body. What builds our body is food and the finest energies from the food create our destiny. In other words our destiny, what we are, depends on the type and quality of the food that we take in.

Therefore Ayurveda (science of life and longevity) imposes the necessity for more genuine ingredients that can only be found in nature. It is exactly Mother Nature who gives us everything we need to maintain the balance of health. For this reason we promote organic products that are, in shape and quality, closest to the products of Mother Nature’s laboratory. This is our mission. We would like to introduce to you ayurvedic organic products of superior quality that support the man’s mission and vision of life and ensure its balance.

In Ayurveda the balance is best achieved by prevention. Therefore it is very important to start from the origin and quality of the products. In classical, so-called conventional, method of growing herbs, spices and other food products, wide range of chemicals are used such as pesticides, herbicides and other poisons that run counter to everything that Ayurveda is:  prevention, health, life and longevity. The use of such contaminated products in nutrition and in maintenance of the health is unacceptable. Organic farming is therefore irrefutable imperative.

Somalata Organic Ayurveda offers organic products whose quality and energy reflect the essence of Ayurveda. Some products, however, due to the limitations of today's standards and test rules simply can not get organic certification even though they are organic. Rock salt (Saindava Lavana), for example, which was created over millions of years, can not be certified because it was not produced in controlled conditions of eco-production. There are more such organic products that stay outside administrative regulations due to impossibility to prove their organic origin. What we can guarantee, regardless of the circumstances, is the maximum possible use of organic ingredients in traditional ayurvedic products. Wherever possible we use organic ingredients.

Somalata Organic Ayurveda products guarantee both the authenticity and the quality and contain the very core of intent of ayurvedic philosophy. Maxims "Let food be thy medicine", "Man, his own doctor”, "Awareness, joy and pleasure of living" vividly describe some of its main tenets. Without the "reconnection" of man and nature on the external level, the mind and the body on the inside, there is no satisfaction. Without satisfaction there is no health, and without it there is no joy of living.

Integration and balance are the answer and the solution, a ray of light and hope in these dark days of materialistic globalism. We have a choice. It is up to us to decide in which direction we want to go. In the end, we ourselves forge our own destiny. If we understand and accept this, we choose a life that will contribute to global change. To general wellbeing…