Trayodashang guggul

Trayodashang guggul
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Trayodashang guggul is a classic ayurvedic formula that uses benefits of triphala (detoxifying and balancing properties) and of guggul (deep penetration). This combination has ability to "open" the clogged channels that doshas circulate through. It relieves pain in joints and muscles, back pain, inflammation of ischiadic nerve and symptoms of the frozen shoulder.

  • Taste (rasa): bitter (tiktha), astringent (kashaya), hot (katu), sweet (madhura)
  • Potency (virya): warming (ushna)
  • Post-digestive taste (vipak): hot (katu)
  • Quality (guna): light (laghu), dry (ruksha), subtle (sukshma)     
  • Constitutional energies (dosha): = tridosha
  • Tissue elements (dhatu): plasma (rasa), blood (rakta)
  • Channels (srota): digestive (annavaha), elimination (malavaha), respiratory (pranavaha)
  • Specific effects (prabhava): reduces edemas and inflammations (shotha and shopha hara), strengthens agni (agni vardana), ignites digestive fire (deepana), directs vatha downwards (vatha nulomana)
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