Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul
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Triphala Guggul cures chronic vatha disorders such as rheumatism and rheumatic symptoms associated with constipation. It has a detoxifying property and eliminates toxins (ama) that cause rheumatic diseases.

Energetic effect:

  • Taste (rasa): bitter (tiktha), astringent (kashaya), hot (katu), sweet (madhura)
  • Potency (virya): warming (ushna)
  • Post-digestive taste (vipak): hot (katu)
  • Quality (guna): light (laghu), dry (ruksha), subtle (sukshma)     
  • Constitutional energies (dosha): = tridosha (in excess quantities + P)
  • Tissue elements (dhatu): plasma (rasa), blood (rakta), adipose tissue (medas)
  • Channels (srota): digestive (annavaha), elimination (malavaha), respiratory (pranavaha)
  • Specific effects (prabhava): reduces adipose tissue (medo hara), strengthens agni (agni vardana), ignites digestive fire (deepana), directs vatha downwards (vatha nulomana)
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