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Brahmi name comes from the name of the god Brahma and it means divine. Properties of this plant have been known for thousands of years. In Ayurveda it is primarily used for the regeneration of the central nervous system (CNS) since it influences will and determination (driti), learning (dhi) and memory (smriti). It regenerates and revitalizes the brain, relieves neurological problems such as epilepsy, is used for poor concentration and memory, mental-emotional fatigue and stress, insomnia, and all other vatha disorders connected to CNS. Modern researches support traditional use in inflammatory processes and in the cases of enlarged spleens. As a natural bronchodilator it helps with all types of allergic asthmas and bronchitis. In women it helps establish menstrual cycle. Since it balances functioning of both brain hemispheres and activates the seventh energy centre, Saharasrara chakra (a thousand petals lotus), it strengthens the ability for contemplation and meditation.

Energetic effect:

  • Taste (rasa): bitter (tikta), sweet (madhura ), astringent (kashaya)
  • Potency (virya): cooling (seeta)   
  • Post-digestive taste (vipak): sweet (madhura )
  • Quality (guna): light (laghu), liquid (drava), oily (snighda)    
  • Constitutional energies (doshas): = tridosha (balances all three doshas)
  • Tissue elements (dhatu): all seven, especially plasma (rasa), blood (rakta) and nerves (majja) 
  • Channels (srota): respiratory (pranavahasrota), mind (manasvahasrota), senses (indriyavahasrots), blood (raktavahasrotas),
  • Specific effects (prabhava): brain (medhya), smriti (concentration, memory)
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